Dig. Prod. Projects

Project 1

Labeled by Others – Brian Kim

The topic I am addressing is the interventions on body found among Asian Americans.  race issues. People already have preconceived notions on the Asian identity and often assume the characteristics that fall under the term “Asian” as universal. In my project I have placed an empty body/vessel with the fridge as the metaphorical canvas. Magnetic labels are stuck onto the body representing stereotypes and expectations often associated with the Asian identity by others, and by others I mean both non-Asian people and Asian people. All the labels are based upon my personal experience of presumed traits expected by peers and family. I wanted to portray the impact when others impose and expect general Asian traits from and on to me can be stressful and induce me to follow upon those expectations.

Project 2

Lo-Fi Grind – Brian Kim

This project is a fun play on creating my own beat. Initially planned to be an R&B type of composition that would fit my ideal track to freestyle/choreograph to, however, with a creative obstacle in limiting myself to recorded samples of sound effects made by (non-instrumental) items found in my house. Video footage contain clips of the original source of the edited sound effects used in the track.

The setting and vibe that I am trying to provoke is diving into the work/study on a chilly morning. Similar to a lo-fi study music.

Inspiration comes from Andrew Huang. (Song challenges)

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