Dig. Prod. Assignments


File: ‘blend-layers.psd’

Using the imagery within the file provided in the Class files folder in Google Drive (blend-layers.psd), start experimenting and creating an interesting composition (can be abstract), using what you have learned so far. There needs to be no conceptual ground to this piece, but you must show you are stretching your creative muscles, using the technical skills you’ve acquired so far. When you have completed your work, export a PNG file of your work (by following the Export As steps). This PNG file must be 800 pixels wide, and named with our typical convention: A2_FirstName_LastName_B.png

  • Rectangular & Elliptical Marquee tool
  • Lasso Tool
  • Levels
  • Dodge/Burn
  • Blend modes
  • Opacity
  • Clone Stamp tool
  • Free Transform
  • Move Tool

(Collage): Set up a Photoshop document at the size of 1200 pixels by 800 pixels. Create a collage or a composite image using at least 3 different images of your choice.

For the 3 images, use:

  • 1 image you have taken with a camera
  • 1 image of something you have scanned
  • The third image can be something you have shot with a camera, or that you have scanned, or a found image.

Art Collage Book created on InDesign with text from Identity of Images, by Robert Desnos. Use at least 8 images to layout onto the pages, at least one image has to have a layering mask on a Photoshop document, then placed into Indesign.

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