Location: Long Beach, New York

Models: Susan Suh, Paul Kim
Instagram: @suscn@paul.kim97

Here’s to a little get together with close friends.
Paul was available to come down from Connecticut to visit me back at my hometown. So of course, I wanted to drag him around to places he’d enjoy the scenery/environment of Long Island. And since I haven’t seen Susan for a while, we both invited her out to drive out to Long Beach. Took some pictures, had some good laughs, blasted music on the 20 minute drive, and had a few bites.
Later that night, Paul was most excited… more than seeing me… was the opportunity to eat my Mom’s cooking. Anyone who’s been over at my place, my family is probably best known and remembered by the splendid, warm food my mom would prepare for the guests. So yeah, while Paul was crying, sneezing, and dying from his cat allergies, he was thoroughly satisfied and happy after dinner.

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