Location: The Highline Park

Model: JC

A series of my favorite shots I’ve taken on this day when a close friend and I decided on going on a little adventure. Plans were to mainly take pictures on disposable film cameras, but I had brought my digital camera for fun. Turns out there were some amazing shots.

Also, because of this friend I feel like I’ve been more motivated to be pick hobbies back up, explore the city, and study. Particularly in photography. Because of her I’ve resumed my hobby in photography. Grateful that I’m hooked back on it. It really has been a while since I’ve had the drive in taking whimsical shots, which quite often produces spectacular pictures. I seriously hope that I hold onto this hobby and pursue it even further in the future. As it does allow me to retain some of the memorable moments in life, it would be favorable and fun to continue in photography.

… more photoshoot pictures will be uploaded!!


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