Redplanet! A new social media platform created specifically for the people who are tired of the content provided by present-day mainstream platforms; Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Twitter. This app has been designed around the goal of curating news feed in an improved user interface. It separates content by making the distinction of who you are “following” and who you are “friends” with. Once visiting another user’s space each user is given the option of categorizing the type of content one would prefer between two types. While the main feature is that, it contains a combination of design and user-friendly experiences to create an all-in-one social media platform.

Find it in the Apple store!



Although these uploads are not owned by me, I was given permission by the Founder and current owner of the app to use his pictures on my blog.


This app has been looming over me since the beginning of my college experience. Due to the fact that my closest friend was the one who founded the company and idea. Looking back onto the progress of the app’s development is a great memory of how our friendship grew alongside the app.

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