Unveiling Sunset


Location: Long Beach, New York

Don’t look at all the problems that are right in front of you, don’t dwell in all the minuscule obstacles that are right in front of you. All your problems are just little pebbles and sands that may cause you to delay from a great future, but if you have a solid goal of what you want to be or do then you will overcome all things. You must strive for the goal you set yourself and eventually you will cast a shadow all over the challenges you have conquered over and be proud of you are.

This was taken during the transition from high school to college. It was a time of excitement and nervousness for the next chapter of my life. Metaphorically speaking, the sun setting represented how high school had come to end and because of the break I looked back to see what I have overcome. The end of school made me realize how small the problems were in the past and now know better to improve on handling daily challenges in the future.

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